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Been holding off from riding and insuring to respect the covid recommendations, keeping in as much as possible, reducing risk in usual activities. Couldn't resist today and ended up insuring the dual sport. Man, what a fricken hoot! Laughing the whole day, not caring that I wasn't strafing corners and enjoying the . Super fun, should've done it sooner. Also I think I spied a bartender on the way back from Squampton.

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nice, yeh i've seen a few bikes out now.. i had a look at the latest and it seems we
only recorded 8 new cases yesterday. Thats really good news. It has been holding
stead at 20 something per day for a couple weeks now.

they're thinking we'll see zero new infections by mid June if not earlier.

British Columbians should not expect to travel overseas this summer and should instead plan on staying close to home, the provincial health officer said on Tuesday.

Dr. Bonnie Henry, speaking the day before B.C. Premier John Horgan will lay out plans for reopening society, said the COVID-19 pandemic would bring a summer “where we’re going to be closer to home, where we’re going to have to find our joy and our fun within our own neighbourhoods.

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here it is! Ready, aim, FIRE!

Non-essential travel is still strongly discouraged, and 14-day-isolation periods will still be enforced for those returning from out-of-country. (that means no US riding for moi, done)

BC’s restart plan: what will be allowed as COVID-19 restrictions ease

Things will not be returning to normal, but British Columbians will soon be ushering in what Premier John Horgan is calling “a new normal”. “We will be proceeding carefully, bit by bit, one step at a time,” Horgan explained.

BC’s restart plan has been structured around 4 phases, with the province currently in the first phase.
The second is expected to begin in mid-May, with Horgan saying changes will likely be seen immediately after the Victoria Day long weekend.

Importantly, all of the services and activities returning will be reintroduced alongside new rules, regulations, and protocols to ensure safety. According to technical briefing slides provided by the Provincial Government, British Columbians could almost double the number of social contacts they have currently and still maintain flat transmission rates.

This offers the opportunity to improve economic, social, and personal well-being for those in the province. Although restrictions are subject to change quickly, the BC Government hopes to establish a sustainable ‘new normal’ for the coming 12 to 18 months, while a vaccine is developed and deployed.

Most Provincial Parks will be re-opening for daily use on May 14th.
Among the things can expect to do during phase 2, which will take place from mid-May onwards:
  • use health services including elective surgeries, and visiting doctors’ and dentists’ offices
  • return to using services such as physiotherapy, chiropractors, and counselling
  • shop at a wider variety of retail locations
  • get haircuts and make use of other personal services
  • share a meal or beverage at restaurants, pubs, and cafes
  • visit museums, art galleries, parks and beaches
  • use transit
  • have their children return to childcare services
  • possibly return to office work
  • participate in small social gatherings
The next phase of changes, expected to occur between June to September (provided transmission stays low) will include:
  • hotels and resorts
  • Select entertainment (movie theatres, small symphonies)
  • post-Secondary in September with a mix of in-person and online classes
  • K-12 education with only a partial return this school year in September.
Contact intensity and the number of people interacted with must be carefully balanced and modified with appropriate behaviors. Plexiglass barriers, increased ventilation, non-medical masks, and handwashing will remain important tools moving forward.

Phase four, which will come following the invention of a vaccine, effective treatment, or in the event of widespread immunity, will reintroduce nightclubs, casinos, concerts, conventions, and sporting events with live audiences

Staying home when sick has also been emphasized as essential, with Horgan asking for “zero-tolerance” for people working when ill. Businesses will be expected to encourage working from home or, if not possible, implement staggered shifts.

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