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Cost of ownership question.

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I am planning on purchasing a motorcycle pretty soon. I checked insurance prices and bike prices. Basically, I would be paying 400 a month just for the bike and insurance. How much on average do you guys spend on your bikes and how much should I expect to be paying on top of that 400 I am already going to have to spend? What would be the average amount you spend on gas a week too?


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First, if its your first bike, buy something you dont mind damaging, like used 3-5 year old bike, or a rebuild (yes they are safe). You will save a shitload of money, and if you drop it it wont hurt you as much (perhaps consider already dropped/scraped up/streetfightered/naked bike).

Getting the proper riding gear, and perhaps some bike upgrades like framesliders, as well as maybe lessons, will alone put you out between 1000-3000 to start off with.

Then depending what bike you get and how much you ride it, you are looking at 100-300 every 3 months, plus new tires 12-18 months (unless you really rape your bike).
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