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Complete wheels. Stock hubs, OEM NEW HONDA STAINLESS SPOKES, with EXCEL RIMS, BLACK ON FRONT, SILVER ON REAR. With sprocket, and front and rear discs (rear disc not in picture).
Straight and true, no dents and the tires have 2 rides on them (Dunlop). Tubes are new.

Also have stock tank, a set of all black plastics and some other CR stuff.

I converted my CR 500 to SM as you can see, so she is nolonger going in the dirt.

Will fix XRs as well.

$600.00 and a 6 pack.. Thats tires, tubes, Excel rims, new spokes, discs, HUBS with good/new wheel bearings and a 47 T rear sprocket that is in good shape.

Come and get it, cleaning HOUSE!!:rockon

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