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crazy rzv 500 for sale

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trying to revive bike threads on here

it is a bike site no ?
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sweet in the late 80's when my older bro was in germany one of his buddies on base had a RZ 500 with 140 rwhp spent like 7000 on the motor just nuts but the whole package was like 20 k with handling mods , the guy was totally nuts, never enough .that is one sweet ride how much would you pay ??? i,m thinking it'll go for about 7500us worth more fore sure , why would any one sell that ???
why would any one sell that ???

no kidding ,thats shit yu keep forever jus cuz
Wynns done a great job with that bike. Everything is first class. I read on the RZ message board that he wants $30,000. Ouch
in a word...

in a sentence..
that bike is so sick, I sell frosty's left testicle just to have that bike for a week.
Keep it for 2 weeks cuz after you get it here from Florida its gonna take a week to get the jetting sorted out.
I gots two of them bad boys they are loads of fun but not as much as the 500 Gamma you old guys will remember......I wish i had one of those. Oh realized that the bike is a RZV 500 now I definately wish I had 2 of those, I just have the regular RZ's but they're still fun.
i have the write up on that bike.......somewhere. it was in one of them Cycle World magazines. very nicely done bike.
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