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Good Morning Gents!

Well this is my first post; so I guess I should introduce myself;

My name is Ryan and I used to own a '92 GSXR750 which I promptly lowsided... ON THE ICBC TEST!!!

After three years I finally gained the courage to come back with a '88 CBR600 and I am now going to Pacific Riding School and doing it right.

Anyways, The reason I am posting this thread is to ask for advice regarding the exhaust system of the 88 CBR600.

Essentially what happened was on a learning ride with a friend; my exhaust fell off and I did not notice it until we returned home.

As hilarious as it was at the time; I am now realizing that I destroyed a rather valuable component of my bike and she is not happy.

I was curious if any of you guys can remember what the compatibility was of this exhaust and how you attach a new or used system back to the exhaust.

IE. Special bolting or hanging information.

I was hoping to fix this problem myself as funds are not exactly available to take it to a shop...

I suppose this is what I get for a $1500 bike... A pity though as the exhaust looked rather new when I purchased the bike; perhaps it was not installed properly.

Any ideas?



Oh here is a pic of it after I found it in the truck on my way home.

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