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So a week and a half before the snow came, my insurance ran out. Being the poor bastard I am (and chronic stupid), I didn't have the money to renew it.

Until it snowed a foot and a half in 48 hours.

Sammy, my poor baby, is sitting out in my backyard (covered), but not properly winterized, and I haven't had time to winterize her because it was hell week last week with school and everything. *sigh*.

And my insurance is absolutely through the roof... $2400 for the year?! With no accidents? Jesus christ.... If I somehow scrounge out that kinda cash I may continue on with my winter riding (I did it last year!), but at the moment I'm a bus wench! Which is fine, because people in this city are absolute morons in the snow in their stupid cars... bah!

Did we ever have a hot chicks wrap-up party?!
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