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The dangers of riding(categorized) from the safety nazi of the day(me):

in my small amount of time riding I've come up with a couple observations regarding the dangers. I've compiled them into an unscientific, statistically oriented list from most frequently happening on BCSB to least(some conjecture was made to fit categories, but very minimal). Much of the findings are common knowledge, but I believe it helpful to see it on paper sometimes. I know that its lacking in many ways, so give me some input to make it better. With your helpful tips I'd like to edit my post in order to keep it as accurate, comprehensive and complete as possible. suggested changes are more than welcomed. I'd also like to keep this thread brief but brilliant if you know what I mean(minimal chitter chatter of the more vulgar type that tends to happen around here).

One thing I'd like to do is make this practical too. Opinions may vary and I will again rewrite things if they are not appropriate. I know a little bit about biker mentality -adrenaline junkies and the like- and want to make this suitable for typical sport-riders as such. Many riders here ride like hell, and hopefully they can do the minimum to avoid crashes

I've browsed through a lot of the down threads/rip threads to make some of my conclusions. I hope its okay that I use the threads as reference, I think its bordering insensitivity, so let me know if you want it or all of them pulled. This is not meant to be judgmental in anyway, we've all been in tough situations resulting from an error of our own.

One conclusion I’ve come to is if you want to reduce your chances of crashing in half, just slow down for those intersections and keep a keen eye out for the cages in them, they’re killers.

Another common issue: Attention/focus/awareness is a key to riding. Its easy to lose and hard to maintain, but the importance of it can't be stressed enough. hyper-awareness could potentially save you from the deer about to cross your path or the pothole mid-corner; the car that's about to nail the breaks in front b/c of a ball rolling out in the street, or the drunk driver that thinks he'll get extra points for tagging a motorcyclist. if you frequent the city, distractions can come from noises from construction sites, the sweet car on the parkway or the booty strolling down the walkway etc.. Most of us have had to pull an unplanned stoppie because of these circumstances, so let it be known that they likely play a factor in more than a few of the following crashes. Unfortunately, it's a little too hard for me to make it a category on its own, but some attention :rolleyes should be brought to this issue.


#1. SITUATION: Intersections(cut offs)
SOLUTION: Slow down b4 all intersections and heighten observation. City driving is not something to be rushed. When you find yourself with an open road ahead of you in the city, fight the urge to rip down the road. you likely don't know of the hidden road, driveway, or bike path on your right where the person/car is going to come out of, not seeing you(they never do), and accident ensues. If you know the road as best as possible and it has no intersections for a stretch like Gaglardi going up to SFU, I feel a little free to give 'er a little something, but that road too has corners with bumps and possible road debris. Don't lose common sense.
2006-8-26 -also here
2005-9-28 -RIP. Intersection t-bone.
-Intersection. BMW tee'd by cabbie
2005-9-16 -Intersection
2005-9-12 -Bike Theif crashes in corner"]2005-9-10[/URL] -Intersection
2005-9-08 -Intersection. Cruiser T-Bones car that pulls out in front
2005-9-01 -RIP Rider. Bike t-bones dumptruck making a turn
2005-8-29 -Intersection. car runs stop sign.
2005-6-23 -Intersection. cut-off
2005-6-15 -Intersection. cut-off by truck
2005-6-14 -Intersection.
2005-5-19 -Intersection. Cut-off
2005-6-04 -Intersection, cut off, and t-bone.
2005-5-19 -Intersection. Left-turner hits rider.
2005-5-19 -Intersection. Left-turner turns into rider.
2005-5-1 -Possibly intersection left-turner didn’t see rider.
2005-4-29 -Intersection. Left-turner didn’t see rider.
2005-4-27 -Intersection left turner didn’t see biker.
2005-4-17 -Intersection related, but unavoidable.
2005-3-18 -Intersection. Hit left-turner at high speed.
2005-3-18 -RIP. intersection left turner.
2005-2-19 -Intersection left turner didn’t see bike.
2004-12-18 -Intersection left-turner. Stunting.
2004-10-15 -Intersection. Possibly right turner didn’t see bike.
2004-9-25 -Intersection left turner didn’t see bike.
2004-9-1 -Bike t-bones truck in intersection.
2004-9-1 -Intersection left turner doesn’t see rider.
2004-8-15 -RIP. Alcohol, speed, intersection.
2004-8-11 -RIP. Intersection. Ran a stop-sign at speed.
2004-7-23 -RIP. Intersection.
2004-6-25 -Intersection cut off.
2004-5-16 -Intersection.
2004-4-24 -Intersection. Car driving in wrong lane.
2004-4-12 -Jeep runs red.
2003-12-9 -Car runs through stop sign.
2003-9-6 -Dangerous passing. Cut-off by left-turner in intersection. Stolen bike.
2003-7-15 -RIP. Intersection. Left turner doesn't see rider.
2003-7-4 -Intersection. Biker slides into left-turner.
2003-6-20 -Intersection. Somehow involving a left turn...either bike or car.
2003-6-1 -Clipped back end of red-light-runner.
2002-7-3 -RIP. Intersection. Left turner doesn’t see rider.

#2. SITUATION: Aggressive cornering
SOLUTION: This is something that composes a good part of the fun for most of us. However it is not appropriate many times. Fun? yes. Cons: almost always exponentially more dangerous(debris, visibility in corners, the speed multiplies the consequences); often illegal, due to speeds, and therefore followed by tickets; gives riders a negative image due to "reckless behaviour" in the eyes of the general populace; scares passengers(this is not cool, contrary to some mistaken opinions).
This will be a little touchy since everyone will do it. A huge suggestion is to take an ART course to allow for greater control(something I need to do). Other standard suggestions are to ride at 75% allowing for the 25% margin. If you are dragging pegs this is not allowing a margin. if you are dragging a knee you are probably allowing for a 0-15% margin depending on skill and aggressiveness(arguably has its place on familiar rural roads).
2005-9-12 -Bike Theif crashes in corner
2005-7-31 -Lost in corner. possibility of road debris.
2005-7-12 -Highside in corner
2005-6-22 -panicked in the corner
2005-6-11 -Decreasing radius corner.
2005-5-31 -RIP Dafnip. Cornering in rain over a crosswalk.
2005-5-21 -RIP. Cruiser at high speeds
2005-4-26 -RIP. Speed in corner & into poll.
2005-3-4 -RIP. Excessive speed in corner.
2004-12-21 -Aggressive tire warm-up.
2004-10-2 -Speed may have been a factor, plus road conditions.
2004-8-5 -RIP. Fail to negotiate corner.
2004-6-28 -Idiot goes down in corner.
2004-6-11 -Aggressive cornering.
2004-6-7 -Aggressive cornering.
2003-12-9 -Loss of control in corner.
2003-9-28 -Wipe out in corner(assuming some speed involved).
2003-8-10 -Cornering.
2003-6-15 -Lost in the corner.
2003-2-26 -Slip in corner(maybe not riding too aggressively).
2002-6-24 -Lost in corner.

#3. SITUATION: Speeding excessively(above traffic speeds or more than 30 over on free-ways and open roads), particularly through traffic.
SOLUTION: Speeding is a fact of m/c-ing. They come with power to rival the fastest cars and often beat. the city has cars. you're riding with cars. I own a cage and I drive it, making me a cager. But even I do not drive it always remembering there may be a m/c in every blind spot all the time. Its just impossible to expect a speeding m/c coming from every crevice of the streets. My cage habits include responsible speeds, shoulder checks, mirror checks, no loud music, and more. With that, I have still cut off a m/c one time -no accident, but I was pissed at myself. It happens. Now, I consider myself a little more responsible than your average cager, so given that stat, you will get cut off many times. judging the speed of a motorcycle by looking through a mirror is very difficult. don't blow by cars. ever. period. if you have to pass, give yourself room and do so at a fitting speed. Straight-lining is not viewed too positively by the more elite riders, but a lot of riders get a kick out of the adrenaline, and they will not stop until death do us part. Just don’t do it weaving through cars if you can avoid it.
2006-8-26 -also here

2005-9-12 -Bike Theif crashes in corner
2005-09-01 -RIP Rider. Bike t-bones dumptruck making a turn
2005-7-29 -RIP Keith Oliver
2005-5-12 -Dangerous maneuver around car on granville bridge.
2005-4-19 -RIP. Speeding. Car didn’t see rider and turned out in-front.
2005-3-18 -Intersection. Hit left-turner at high speed.
2005-3-13 -RIP. Speeding.
2004-9-28 -Passing on double yellow.
2004-9-4 -Thief hits back of truck. Speeding on the coq.
2004-8-15 -RIP. Alcohol, speed, intersection.
2004-8-11 -RIP. Intersection. Ran a stop-sign at speed.
2004-5-9 -Speeding. Car merges into rider.
2003-12-9 -Loss of control in corner.
2002-7-3 -RIP. Intersection. Left turner doesn’t see rider.
2002-6-24 -RIP. high speed.

#4. SITUATION: When riding appropriately, the unexpected cars can still hurt ya.
SOLUTION: Even though you are riding responsibly according to cager standards, there are some more pro-active maneuvers that are necessary when on a bike. High-beams during the day can increase visibility. Appropriate lane position can increase visibility, decrease likelihood of cut-offs, and provide some needed space margins. Slowing for intersections can allow greater chances of stopping b4 oncoming left-turner or forth-coming right-turner. Always look for the blind left-turner into the drive-way or starbucks. Remember the erratic u-turner, and the forgetful right-turner that needs to slam on his brakes.
2005-9-27 -Rider backed into by car
2005-6-07 -Rider hit from behind.
2005-6-05 -cut off
2005-3-14 -Unanticipated left turner into driveway.
2004-8-29 -Oncoming cager takes corner too hard and hits bike head on.
2004-4-30 -RIP. driver makes left turn into driveway in front of rider.
2004-4-30 -Parking lot. T-bone.
2003-9-15 -Drunk driver hits motorcycle head-on. Who knows, maybe some extra attention may have avoided it.
2003-6-12 -RIP. Car pulls out of driveway. Bike t-bones.
2003-1-8 -Driver pulls out in front of rider.
2002-10-1 -Left turner out of 'plaza' doesn’t see rider.

#5. SITUATION: Road debris/conditions
SOLUTION: keep some distance from cars in front to allow for reaction time to avoid debris that can easily take you out. Most debris affects us in the corners, ie. sand, gravel, oil. Be sure to not ride past your sight line. freeway entrance/exits are sometimes great corners and can allow for full view of corner. But sand is almost always on the shoulders and if you overshoot a corner and think you have a buffer on the shoulder...wrong. Still keep your 25% margin for needed decreasing radius corners and other unexpecteds.
2006-9-16 -gravel on hill crest.
2005-7-31 -Lost in corner. possibility of road debris.
2005-5-31 -RIP Dafnip. Cornering in rain over a crosswalk.
2005-10-18 -Scooter hits oil patch
2005-5-4 -Loss of control in corner(intersection), possibly due to slippery sidewalk.
2004-10-2 -Speed may have been a factor, plus road conditions.
2004-6-28 -Idiot goes down in corner.
2003-9-12 -Slip in wet conditions.
2003-2-26 -Slip in corner(maybe not riding too aggressively).
2002-10-23 -Ice.

#6. SITUATION: Group riding
SOLUTION: Avoiding it for the first while would be good advice, but probably not that practical to some. Avoiding it altogether would again be a piece of impractical advice and leaving out an essential part of riding(community). Fact is that riding in groups is dangerous. I suspect most comes from pressure to ride beyond capabilities. If you ride in groups, ride with people who are going to ride your pace with you, or you will want to keep up, putting yourself in a dangerous situation. Quite simply, we are inclined to ride faster in groups, even if not from peer pressure.

Note: The threads listed are of accidents when in a group. Whether or not it created an environment conducive to crashing or speeding etc. is unknown.
2005-6-11 -Decreasing radius corner.
2005-4-26 -RIP. Speed in corner & into poll.
2004-6-28 -Idiot goes down in corner.
2004-3-25 -In a corner, with some throttle problems.
2002-6-24 -Lost in corner.

#7. SITUATION: Stunting, particularly on the street
SOLUTION: Keep those urges for the abandoned streets(still risking a ticket), parking lots, and boundary bay, etc.. You need space for this stuff. The street does not allow it. If there's a car next to you at the time, you're definitely risking a lot. Regardless of how safe you are, stunting still has inherent risk. Be careful.
2005-8-21 -Loses a wheelie in traffic.
2005-6-23 -Rider loses control of wheelie and hits oncoming car.
2004-12-18 -Intersection left turner. Stunting.
2004-4-16 -Stunting
2002-7-14 -Looped wheelie.

#8. SITUATION: Riding outside of license restrictions
SOLUTION: This seems to be a multiplying factor for accidents. My personal beliefs are that its due to a mentality more than a skill deficit although an added problem too. Someone willing to disregard some common responsibility with a license is more likely to disregard other basic responsibilities, i.e. excessive speeding and other dangerous moves.
2005-5-12 -Dangerous maneuver around car on granville bridge.
2004-8-11 -RIP. Intersection. Ran a stop-sign at speed.
2004-7-23 -RIP. Intersection.
2004-6-26 -RIP.

#9. SITUATION: beginner rider. Mistakes made from limited experience.
SOLUTION: Take a course.
2003-8-7 -Rides off the road.
2002-6-24 -Lost in corner.

#10. SITUATION: Mechanical failures
SOLUTION: Check bike over everyday
First: Tires(everyday). They will keep you on the road. Look for bulges, cuts, pressure drops(maintain appropriate pressure), over balding.
Second: Chain(every week, at least). Take a quick look at the tension. 1 - 1½ in. free-play? no. then adjust it. grease 'er up at least every 800km. Rusting? better think about a new one.
2006-8-20 -Tail bag strap locked up the rear wheel.
2004-7-22 -RIP. Mechanical failure.
2004-3-25 -In a corner, with some throttle problems.

#11. SITUATION: Drinking and riding.
SOLUTION: Simple. Don’t drink and ride at all.
2005-3-20 -Rear-ended car in front. Girl drinks too much and loses leg.
2004-8-15 -RIP. Alcohol, speed, intersection.

2005-8-29 -RIP Rider.
2005-8-08 -Harley rear ends suv
2005-7-30 -RIP Rider
2005-5-31 -RIP Devactive.
2005-4-28 -RIP. scooter. No more info
2005-4-29 -Harley, hit by limo
2005-3-10 -Rear ended car in front. Lack of attn.
2005-3-13 -RIP
2004-8-29 -RIP
2004-7-23 -RIP
2004-6-25 -RIP x2
2003-6-4 -RIP. Loss of control

Edit: Note that i do precicision guesswork based on vague assumptions and unreliable data of dubious accuracy provided by persons of questionable intellectual capacity.

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Sweet mother of all things holy... That is one f*cking huge list. We are not worthy. Well, maybe we just have lives. :)

Thank you, SavageBovine, for compiling this list. I wonder if it would be worth sticking it into a database somewhere, so it could be sorted by date, category, etc.

A suggestion for a moderator: Make this a Sticky post in the New Riders forum.

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fz1 - done.

thx, guys. it took a # of hours, but it was something i was interested in. I was actually curious as to the dangers of intersections. thats what sparked this.

im off to bed now.

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See... BCSB is good for some thing other than drama, however the down side of it is the biking community grows a little more tighly knit and we can see how many riders have gone down.

Good job Savagebodine, digging through all the various mishaps and losses to bring forth the known colisions must have taken a long time.

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Nicely done, alas such a shame it’s preaching to the choir. For example I still can't get my even own wife to take the #1 Highway as apposed to Barrette/Hastings when coming into Vancouver from the Port Moody area :(

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Awesome work. It's very tedious to search, then cut and paste all those links. Thanks!!

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dog44 said:
Nit-picky suggestion: Make the description the text of the clicky. I dunno how to do it, but someone can tell you.
considered it, but the descriptions are too generic and similar. I think its ok like this. thx for the input.

edit: as a side note, this is not an exhaustive list. i only did a search of "rider" in the titles and used those rider down threads. there are most certainly more. if you happen upon one, let me know.
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