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Thanks for everyones kind thoughts...
Like Adam said in his blog... Visibility goes from clear to a dust storm...
Now I know why they post a 30mph when there is a dust storm...
Breathing is a bitch... contacts feel like sandpaper and all you can do is
troop though the nasty shite...
Good gear is worth every penny... Kevlar, armor and back protectors are a
definite must on a long ride. If I had my leather pants with the pucks I would
of cleared everything. Muscles, shoulders and knees feel banged up and sore.
Aside from that... the tequila and percaset does wonders for the pain.
Guess I've also been the nasty boy on this trip too...
2 tickets for $500us. Ducati-man at $360us with 4 tix and Fjr with one $250us.
We're still all having a great time and through the thousands of twisties I've
gone through it's been something I'm determined to do once again next year.
I'm surrounded by a great number of people I've been riding with so far.
They just keep getting better and better. If you are going to do something
in your life just once... This is one road trip that's a life experience.
:evil D:)batman)K :evilgrin
Holy Moly! Glad to hear you and Mark are OK. That's definitely a trip you'll never forget. I wish everyone a safe remainder of the voyage.
1 - 1 of 72 Posts
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