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Dealey Museum - must vist NOW

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I was at the Dealy Museum yesterday, it is moving to the noew Dealy HD dealership and shanging it's formant to be more museum and less the walk around the bikes in the warehouse

Currently about 300 bikes on display in the new format themed shows with only 60 bikes out

Quite a few of the bikes that they had lent to the Art of the Motorcycel show are back and many will be put in storage away from viewing for years to come

Many of the loaned bikes are returning to their owners (Steve McQueens scrambler, etc)

Admission is free and I recommend a visit in the next few weeks since bikes are going to start leaving soon/ Try and see the old museum (and take your camera) before it is gone

The Trev Deeley Motorcycle Collection is Canada's foremost motorcycle collection and considered one of the finest in the world. Featuring over 250 models and over 54 different makes.

Founded by Trev, the collection represents a lifelong passion for the sport of motorcycling. The Collection showcases many pieces of the Deeley family motorcyling history.

The Deeley name and family tradition, is a unique story that began in 1914 with the establishment of Fred Deeley Ltd. Specializing in the Birmingham Small Arms (BSA) line, the company was to become a Vancouver landmark at its Broadway location, part of the city’s history. In 1917 the romance really began to grow with the company’s acquisition of Canada’s first Harley-Davidson dealership.

From father to son, to grandson, the relationship with motorcycling got stronger and stronger. This third generation Deeley, Trev by name, found himself not only selling motorcycles but racing them as well. During the Forties and early Fifties, Trev Deeley dominated the sport of motorcycle racing over a fifteen year racing career, setting track records in Canada and the United States racing for Harley-Davidson. In the process, Trev began a motorcycle collection that is now home to over 250 motorcycles of over 54 different makes.

In addition to racing and collecting, Trev Deeley was a keen businessman and was awarded the first Honda motorcycle distributorship in the English-speaking world in 1957 and later went on to also distribute Yamaha motorcycles and snowmobiles. In 1973, Trev founded Fred Deeley Imports, Harley-Davidson Distributors for Canada, with his partner, Don James, and together they developed the most respected motorcycle dealer network in the country.

The Trev Deeley Motorcycle Collection represents a lifelong passion for the sport of motorcycling and showcases many important pieces of motorcycling history.

Open 10am to 4pm Monday through Friday, the Collection offers FREE admission and a no obligation donation box with 100% of proceeds benefiting The BC Center for Ability.

The Trev Deeley Motorcycle Collection is located at the Head Office for Fred Deeley Imports/Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada at 13500 Verdun Place,
Richmond, near Bridgeport & Knight Street
Admission to the Collection is by donation
Open Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm
Call 604-273-5421 for more information
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Do you know when they plan to make the change?
Closing up early in 2007 but bikes are starting to leave soon

new museum opening in the late spring of 2007
do they have a vr1000? that might interest me.
do they have a vr1000? that might interest me.
Yes, in fact, they do.
now that's cool

I dont soppose they have a birtten? Now that thing is all that and a can of beans, sweet as tits
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pretty sure they not only have a VR1000 but also the street version of it.
Man I'd love to go but mon-fri 10-4pm?
Odd business hours :(
Good idea, Bill, that museum is always worth a visit. Too bad they're moving.
...and on another note as well.
Admission to the Deeley's Private Collection is also by donation, so dropping in a couple of bucks or what-have-you is a good way of supporting an incredible display of motorcycling history and heritage. Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada is also a big supporter of medical research for Muscular Dystrophy - again some of the proceeds from the collection's loan to certain displays like the Art of the Motorcycle exhibit go directly to this worthy cause.
Definitely worth a trip on your lunch break or even a full day off.
Good idea Bill!

Its definetly worth the visit. My buddy has a couple of his bikes in there (climate controlled) on long term loan.
I dont soppose they have a birtten? Now that thing is all that and a can of beans, sweet as tits
Yeah, the Britten V1000 would be worth the trip.

I wouldn't bother for a VR1000 though.
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