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I am trying to find a calendar or event schedule for this weekend at Mission. Trying to find out start times for Saturday's Endurance Race and Sunday's Track race.

Is there such a scheuldue and if there is can someone post it?


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I believe this is the "tentative" schedual for the endurance on Sat, someone more official than I will have to confirm it though, although I think this is pretty for sure...

Tentative schedule is:

Registration/Tech: 7:00am
Riders' Meeting: 8:45am
Practice: 9:00am-9:20am
Race: 9:30am-1:30pm
Demo: 1:30pm-5:00pm

Sunday should be a normal schedual. Something like this...


7:00am Gates Open
7:05am Registration and Tech Opens
8:30am Riders Meeting

Practice Schedule

9:15am Practice group #1 - Slow-Medium (above 1:19 lap times) 15 mins
9:30 Practice group #2 - Fast (below 1:19 lap times) 15 mins
9:45 Practice group #3 - Novice 15 mins
10:00 Break / Bike pick-up
Qualifying Races
10:15 Battle Of The Twins/ SV Cup / Open Singles / F3 4 laps
10:30 Intermediate 600 Supersport 4 laps
10:45 Novice 4 laps
11:00 Expert 600 Supersport 4 laps
11:15 Formula 40/ Sportsman 4 laps
11:30 Open Supersport (Exp. and Int.) 4 laps
12:00 F2 / Vintage 4 laps

Lunch 12:15 – 1:15
Main Races
1:15 Superbike – Race 1 8 laps

1:35 Battle Of The Twins/ SV Cup / Open Singles / F3 10 laps

2:00 Intermediate 600 Supersport 10 laps

2:25 Novice Heat 1 7 laps

2:50 Expert 600 Supersport 10 laps
5 min Break
3:20 Formula 40/ Sportsman 10 laps

3:45 Novice Heat 2 7 laps

4:05 Open Supersport (Exp. / Int.) 10 laps
5 min Break
4:40 F2 / Vintage 10 laps

5:05 Superbike - Race 2 12 laps

5:45 Trophy Presentations

7:00pm Gates Close

How many teams are in the endurance race?
I hope there is lots i wanna see some 20 second pits stops with rider changes/fuel/ and new tires. :)
Put a 1 in front of that number and you're probably getting close.

Since I need to load the data into the computers for tomorrow, I'm going to consider pre-reg unofficially closed in a few minutes (just long enough to download the data) and announce we have a whopping 9 entries.

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18. There will be no tire changes allowed. You must start and finish the race on one set of tires, all other main components of the bike like engines and frames must also remain through out the whole race. If a team substitutes another complete machine during a race, the team will be disqualified from that race.
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