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Do you have an alarm?

  • No alarm (house / garage alarms don't count)

    Votes: 62 53.4%
  • Basic alarm

    Votes: 18 15.5%
  • Immobilizing alarm

    Votes: 36 31.0%

Do you have an alarm?

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I have a cheapo alarm, but it's got shock/tilt sensors, and immobilizer.
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I've got the basic alarm with tilt sensor. It's pretty much useless unless you're within earshot away if it goes off. I really only got it so that I can play with the fob and make it chirp at Starbucks.
Talon alarm hooked up to a Stebel Air horn instead of a little siren.
Do you have a number for Talon? I'd like to get one of those.
1 - 2 of 50 Posts
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