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Dropped bike: any concerns?

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i just dropped my bike in my parking lot...... i was making a right turn in the garage in my space at low speed........ but my steering was all the way to the right that it locks...... bike fell down on the right..... just 5 cms from touching the ground..... being heavy, i had to drop it....... so i did very slowly...... and the bike is fully down on the floor...... i picked it up..... i noticed coolants?! (green/blue drops) on the floor..... very slippery..... i test rided the bike in the garage to check for any problems...... the steering seems weird.....

if we position the wheel straight..... i turn the steering let's say... 10 degrees left or right...... it seems so slippery and easy to turn...... and 10 degrees over..... more stiff

i'm used to the stiff, because it allows more accuracy.....
or maybe i'm just paranoid and it's normal...
need help on this please.... the bike did not bang on the floor....dropped slowly and will this damage anything from functioning properly and needs adjustment? or maybe the coolant hit some parts..... making them more slippery than usual, such as steering?

thanks in advance
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if the bike continues to cause you distress in the trust department, i know a good shrink who can take that away. your bike is fine. your pride is hurt but that can be repaired easily enough. your sub-concious is the problem now and therapy may be needed to alleviate that dreaded fear you now have.
you'l get over it. def yur brain having a problem and not the bike.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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