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fuk i love this guys projects .

hes started another one


monocoque sub on the gix ,nice !

weird he used a retail pipe ,not his typical style but maybe he would have built the same thing if it wasnt out .

hand built carbon bodywork ,hes a pimp .


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excerpt from his site crazy weight numbers

What I will do , the Mods shortly and unsortet (sorted later , not so easy for me to take care of 5 Websites parallel) :

New Clutch ( new hub + new designed CNC- machined basket , does fit OEM Setup)
Cable Clutch conversion with intgrated bearing for shift-axle and optional Carbon Bracket for speed-sensor , soon done ,does fit OEM Setup)
New Belt-Driven Alternator with Carbon Alternator-Cover ( does not fit OEM Setup)
New Engine-Management (Motec M800 )
New Fork (still have exactly ONE QAT Fork left )
New Wheels
New Brakes and discs
New rear hidden Brake assy (soon done , does fit OEM Setup)
New different located Carbon Fueltank ( does not fit OEM Setup)
New Carbon-Monocoque ( does not fit OEM Setup)
New probably total strange arranged Titanium Exhaust-System ( does not fit OEM Setup)
Stack tachometer , compressed scale up to 8000 rpm
Removal of 2nd throttle-valves
New Carbon Airbox ( does not fit OEM Setup)
New Carbon Fairing
New Carbon Fairing-Stay (maybe I'll develope 2 , one OEM )
New waterpump
Reworked Engine-Breathing
New custom made shock from the guy who has developed the QAT Fork (better than the Ohlins)
New Wire-harness (necessary anyway for the Motec )

After what I found out until now , tracking all the weight , I'd say it's possible for me to drop the weight down at a few kg less than a GP-Bike .

What I's say now , possible :

- including 15 Liters of Fuel : 149 kg or 328 lbs
- without 15 liters of Fuel : 137,5 kg or 303 lbs


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Hate to say this but Thorsten said what you see in those pics is only 6% of what he intend to do with his Gixxer 750.

BTW that bike above belong to a friend of his - Thorsten's bike is in a million pieces right now.

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not really. it's not purple. it's periwinkle lavender. and if i'm confortable enough in my manood to wear that and be photographed, not only is my opinion gold, it should be held in high esteem!!

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i do like Gixxers. i own 2 of them. i've owned prolly 6 of them over the times. couple Yami's and Honda's.......oh and just for Hakeem.....a couple of kawi's too.
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