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Ethanol free gas

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Looks like we have access to good gas here - not so easy in the states....

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Chevron 94 only for the bike unless i can't get to one.
There appear to be a number of victims of marketing here. Don't feel badly - we're all susceptible. :laughing

I've been using manufacturer-recommended 91 octane for years in my Japanese, German, and Italian bikes and cars. I use 87 octane in one of the bikes because, again, that's what's recommended. Never had an issue and I don't expect to have any issues.

Believe it or not, your owners manual is a good source of information.
Just a couple updates. The website Puregas.org is unresponsive on removing stations they say have 0% ethanol. FYI, all Shell stations across Canada dropped 0% ethanol back in early 2022.
Also, every CO-OP in Canada has 0% ethanol 91, on a shared nozzle, so will get potentially .8 of a litre of 10% ethanol 87 octane before 91 runs through. Which was the issue when Shell had 0% ethanol 91 on their shared nozzle.
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good to know
Parkland Refinery, supplier of Chevron in SW BC, is switching over from winter to summer blends. As a result right now, some are out of regular, and are selling 0%ethanol 94 at regular price. Keep an eye out. Richmond, Delta, South Van, Maple Ridge, western Surrey right now there are a few.
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