Hi guys.

I'd like to ha e your opinion about which exha7st lines are good for the CBR650R 21, so far I can only see Akra and Black Widow doing undercarriage ones.
I'd like to find a cheaper solution and mostly for now stainless steel piping and a small silencer can.
I've looked around a lot of them on fleabay or aliexpress but I can t find anything of a normal quality for full line that's below 1000$cad....
I want that stupid euro5 boxcrap out of my sports bike,we're in canada ffs, we don't need that uber restrictive exhaust crap....if Harley guys can tide with their decibel levels without being smashed by coppers, then any brand will work,sound wise.

Do you other owners of a 21/22 model had any chances with cheaper products than the Akrapovic one?
It's perfect for the sound and I know their quality of welding.
But damn...1300USD for that....?!
Plus the price for the tune after....ugh.
I hope you guys will ha e some leads to share.

Thanks a lot.