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As evidenced by the ad in the "For Sale" forum, things are not going as well as hoped. I spent the weekend with another tear in my cornea, which has pretty much sealed my fate for riding for at a minimum a year, perhaps forever. As it stands, I'm relegated to a blury existance of hypersensitivity to light and random pain as the contact lens bandage shifts over the affected area.

They have a plan that sees them making numerous micropunctures in my cornea around the affected area, which will hopefully stimulate the healing enough to make the cornea stop falling apart on a monthly basis. It will also hopefully allow me to shoot fricken laser beams out of the eye, but that's a hope that is strictly mine and not yet expressed to or by the surgical team.

As well, they're not sure how they want to make the punctures. They are either going to use a technique that my doctor hasn't tried before and use a laser or if that's not an option, they'll use a honest to god needle. The words "One of us is going into that O.R. out cold Doc..." seem relevant to that conversation...

The downside is that not only is the affected eye my "master eye", but the edge of where they will be making the punctures will be right in the area of the cornea that covers the actual vision portion. This may mean some vision complications, obviously.

I'd cry about the bike, but crying actually hurts....
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