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Hey everyone,

Well here is my story....I bought this car on my 17th birthday that is almost 4 years ago. In these 4 years i have only drove it about 26,000km. See I live in revelstoke and there is more snowy months here then summer months...so my car doesn't see much action. I have however put over $4000 into it, counting the stereo stuff over $5000.

Ummm lets see about the car...

1986 Fiero SE with GT G/FX
V6 auto 3spd
all power options except seats
sun roof
2 seater
mid engine
190,000km (motor still read good compression across the scale)
black in color

When i bought the car it had 164,000km on it and since then the tranny has been flushed and filter changed ever 5000km and the oil ever 3000km.

Here is a list of some of the mods and parts replaced,

Parts replaced :

both front wheel bearings
both headlights
dog bone bushing
brake calipers in the rear
new pads all around
tranny cooler lines
ignition module (includes spare)
throttle body
throttle position sensor
heater core
2 new front tires
new 2 1/4 gm performance exhaust, from head pipe down
new ebrake cables all around
new tranny filter and pan gasket
new cap, rotor, plugs and wires
new air filter
new thermostat
fuel filter
brakes hoses on both sides in the back
02 sensor
new monroe shocks and struts, (not installed)

modded parts

removed cat and replaced with bottle
exhaust tips
8.8MM plug wires,
custom front hood scoop (functional)
custom rear hood scoop (functional)
custom front chin spolier (functional)
newish paint (2 summers old)
aftermarket deck
aftermarket speakers
tranny cooler
fiberglass dual 10" center console box (not finished, just needs to be glassed)
aftermarket steering wheel
fire extinguisher

sorry that is all i can think of for now...

i really love this car...but living in Revelstoke i need a truck but don't want to sacrafise my summer toy...so i am thinking of buying a bike. It will be easier and cheaper to store in the winter, and probably more fun to cruise around on.

I am askin $3500 obo or will consider trades for a bike.

thanks for looking!

*EDIT* sorry pics weren't working...here is a link though!


- Phil
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