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Famous Players/Cineplex discounted tickets

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I have 20 Cineplex / famous Player tickets left over from a mass order.
want to sell them at $7.75 ea (min 10 pls)
first 20 is gone.. that was fast .. sorry guy, i didn't order enough for bcsb.


would you guys be interested in a group buy, order now and should arrive in 2 weeks, GIVEN the total quantity is provided. As i know, if we reach 300+ we can have the price lowered to about $7.00 EACH!
This last order:
I ordered 200 pcs, my total including tax and shipping is: $1,540.18, / 200 = $7.7009ea, hence why i sell for $7.75each.
next order: 300 pcs, total including tax and shippping will be: $2,101.98 / 300 = 7.0066 ea, therefore $7.05 each.

Next order deadline(set) = December 22. (thursday) giving me friday to place order. I will post the total amount of tickets so you will know the total cost.
* all sources is available at : http://www.cineplex.com *

Reg price at theater: $10.95

now if u could supply in e-mail or PM:

your name
your phone number
your e-mail
and the qty you need:

I will have it organized.

I'm hoping not to chase down those who doesn't pay up, please submit by knowing this is a serious order.

[email protected]
or PM.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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