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First (video) to grace the board

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Well this is a bit old but I thought I would do the honors of posting the first video here :D My first one.

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Damn right it is old, I have had that one on the hard drive for awhile. When are you going to do something new? It is a great one though, and the soundtrack was killer. :)
Well I am going to be working on a car one shortly but the next sportbike one will probably be a group effort and have lots of us in it and be maybe an hour long. Jim came up with the idea and we were gonna put a lot of hours into it to make it top notch. I cant wait to get started on that one.:devillook
I would love to watch some of the filming, but I do not have any skills that would be video worthy. I am still a newbie when it comes to any sort of stunt riding--not even a newbie seeing as how I have never tried! :)
Lots of us cant do stunts but that is why we use great camera angles and special effects. The right shot can make anyone look like they are tearing shit up.
I don't think I want to do any stunts after watching that video.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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