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Flush mount turn signals.

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Flush mount turn signals, is anyone using these and if so what brand and how good are they. I want to replace my rear ones as the high pipe will not allow for the stock signal. How much and where to get them locally.

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You may get a little more than me in the back because your rear tail section is wider. However, unless you mount LP flushmounts alone the side, or use some smaller led lights somewhere near the break light, your visitibilty will be poor for turning right.

My Micron came with a kit to move the stock tail lights (which weren't on, and arn't on) a little lower so it was under the pipe.
RMS carried everything I needed. The super skinny blinkers I haven't seen in stores though, nor do they look like they're really that visible to begin with.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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