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2003 ZX6R (636cc) for sale

There are some cosmetic scratches on left side from a low speed slide. Nothing is broken and if one were really anal about it, just a paint job to look mint again. I know that some people want a mint bike but the price takes paint repairs into consideration but the scratches aren't that bad to begin with.

- about 17k kms
- clean title with no liens
- black
- all stock (except for tires... Dunlop D208 GP's)
- brand new battery bought end of last season (Deka which is a really good brand)
- Alarm
- solo seat cover
- regular oil changes

Firm on price. PM me if interested to set up viewing. No test pilots (strictly enforced) but will take down to any shop for mechanical inspection at the potential buyer's expense (in fact, I encourage this for all buyers).

Pics to follow
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