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Have to trade:
03 600 RR Parts, wiring harness, gas tank, tank fairing, Swing arm w/ pro link, chain guards and various plastics, reserve tanks, triple tree upper, rear brakes (nissin) w/ master and guard, front and back seat,

98 900 RR Parts, front and right bars w/ controls, lower left fairing, back wheel (complete but tire pretty worn), swing arm and rear suspension.


Riding gear (gloves, boots, helmet etc.) preffer black or neutral (no flourecent pinK), Driven flange and dampers for a 2003 600RR rear wheel, a VFR swing arm, a 900 RR back seat, 900 RR lower right fairing, turn sighnals, mirrors, rear lights for any RR, back fender and trunk linner 4 900rr, riding lessons, bar ends umm thats it I think, open to offers.

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