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Ok, so here's a great ride at a VERY reasonable price! So, being that this is not my own vehicle but a buddy of mine's, contact [email protected] for further information or pm and I'll forward the questions/comments!


Selling my 2002 mini cooper S
72,240 kms *highway*
all options excluding navigation
leather seats and steering wheel, heated seats, dynamic stability control, air intake system, ralley front lights, rear clear tails, front fogs and rear fogs (rare!) chrome side mirrors, custom gun metal rims 17's with phat tires.

problem areas: rock chips on the hood, slight scracth on passenger door (ferry incident), dent within the door seal from stupid seat belt jam, and rear hatch rattles a bit from roadtrip.
All can be fixed for cheap..

Selling because i baught a new place and need some cash...

Willing to trade plus cash but no upgrades for me at this time..

Asking $21000obo (average on buysell is between 24-29$)

I classify my mini above average but need to sell car so willing to lose some money on it...

1 accident a year and a half ago .. was rear ended in the massey tunnel... $1200 damage to the bumper and hatch ... all receipts for upgrades, oil changes and services from mini yaletown

i'm the only owner drove it through the showroom doors back in 02...

Paid $41,000 and looking for $21000 obo (if u're interested place an offer and we'll talk )

Thanks for all your interest if u know of anyone i need to sell fast i'd appreciate it.. These cars are the bomb give them a chance.. bmw technology!!!

Any flamers please don't thrash my posting.. If u have some constructive critism i don't mind but keep it to a minimum all i'm trying to do is sell my car

I will try to upload a pic lets hope it works not sure how to do it. ... if not i'll attach the link on the buysell or craigslist i have it up there as well


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