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Don't know if it's cool to post this here, but here goes (mods please move if required)

And before anyone asks, I'm not getting out of the sport. Just have too many bikes in the garage. I will be back racing with you all in the spring on my 450.

2007 KTM 250 SXF for sale.
$3500usd price negotiable.

!!!! Wash Lic plated !!!!!!

Upgrades: Pro Taper Bars, ASV "unbreakable" clutch and brake levers, Leovince Carbon fiber exhaust w spark arrestor insert (stock pipe too), suspension by TBT racing, Fastway Handguards (g2 bar insert and mount to top clamp), JD kit jetting, frame protectors.

Spares include: clutch kit (steels/plates), service manual on cd, owners manual/carrying case, beer opener, stock springs for forks and shocks (sprung for 230lb rider). Have some spare unused body panels if desired. Probably more that I just can't recall.

Supermoto kit available for $500usd as package: include 16.5 front wheel and tires (excel rim, stock hub), 17x5.5 rear wheel (excel rim, stock hub),
axle and peg sliders, catch can. Kit won't be sold seperate from bike.

Less than 1 hour and bike is ready for sm track days/races too!

Well cared for, FAST (dynoed at wheel 40hp w stock pipe) and I am original owner. Oil changed after every use. Valves have never moved from spec (checked often though). Ported by HT racing. New top end about 15 hours ago.

Don't waste either of our times in trying to make this bike into a street bike. While it's plated, it doesn't even have a lighting coil or anything else that would make it streetable.

got questions? email me: [email protected]

Bike is in kirkland, wa.. but I'm willing to drive north to meet a buyer.
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