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Great for a winter beater or just something cheap to putt around in. 1987 Ford Ranger Red in color, 4x4 , All new belts , New battery , 5 sp , Has some minor surface rust on the passenger door and around the rear wheel wells , also has some dents on the passenger side. It leaks some oil onto the headers causing it to smoke i belive it just needs a valve cover gasket. Its a 2.9L v6 i belive (im at work ill check tonight). I got this truck for my girlfriend because she wanted to learn to drive standard and then realized she cant learn so i got it back (stupid women). I cant remember the exact km's on it i think its 215XXX but ill look agian when i get home. It does not need aircare as its insured as 5001kg's thus not needing aircare EVER. If i can get some pictures i will.

I live in tsawwassen and the truck is uninsured right now and sitting on the side of my house so if you want to view it you will have to come out to see it (sorry).

My name is Matt and if you need to contact me you can do it on here or at 778-222-4924

Thanks for reading!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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