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Black on black crime
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89 5.0
Black interior (the rear seats and rear interior is stripped out, quarterpanels are still there)
There is no sound deadening in the back of the car.
The rear floor pan has some cracks that need to be welded.
The car isn't very pretty, but it goes pretty good.

Steeda Tri-ax, less then a year old
Underdrive pulleys
MSD Coil
180 degree thermostat
73mm C&L mass air meter w/ 19lbs sampling tube
65mm BBK TB
Pacesetter Off-road h-pipe
Flowmaster cat-back, 40 series mufflers
FRPP Aluminum driveshaft, approx 1k on it
Rear end with good posi and 3.55 gears
KYB Adjustable shocks and struts
H&R Sport springs
Subframe Connectors and Battle boxes done by Performance Fab
Removed front sway bar
Clear corners
5" Autometer tach with memory
2 Gauge a-pillar pod with Water temp and Oil Pressure, both sport comp black, both work great
Ponies with BFG Comp T/As

The car has no smog system, the pump and all tubing was removed. I put a new door on a couple weeks ago, with a new lower door pin. The power windows work mint, but the power lock on the drivers side doesn't work with the button. (you can push it down manually and unlock it with the key) It has an alarm, but its garbage, and the siren doesn't work anymore, and it never had the door poppers installed. Its pretty much only good for the immobilizer. The car has around 160-180ks on it. The speedo reads fast because of the gears, and did even before the gears, so I don't know the true km's on the car, but it is less then what is on the odo, which shows 180 something. The motor blows a little blue, but it runs really well. It doesn't go through much oil, so I think its probably just a worn valve seal or something. The tranny grinds for a half a second sometimes going into 5th, but if you double clutch, it doesn't make a noise at all. It got regular oil changes, and has newer plugs, anda newer fuel filter. The car runs fine, I am just done with fox bodies.

The car has gone a best of [email protected] on MT Drag Radials. That was before the gears and aluminum driveshaft. I don't think a 13.3 or better would be hard to come by with sticky tires and a good launch.

The body doesn't look that great, the paint sucks to be honest. The passenger door trim is off the car. The stuff holding it on was coming off, and it was hanging, so I just pulled it right off. The driver side one is starting to come off at the back of the door. Its not hard to fix, I just couldnt be bothered. I will include all the parts I took off the car if you want them, except the smog stuff, thats disappeared.

$3300 FIRM!

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