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No liens
carbonfiber front fender
integrated taillights
LED front turn signals
Moriwaki slip on exhaust (sounds amazing)
will also throw in a solo rider cover, that eliminates the second seat when riding solo.
9000 with everything except for pipe, 9600 with the pipe.

Contact me through email, or PM me.

Best Regards.

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Price is now O.B.O
Moving to a new place need the space.
Shoot some offers, never know if you dont ask!


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Price is 8600$ without pipe and carbonfiber fender! with only 4500km! just broken in!

Bike wont last long!

Hurry hurry get the best Christmas present anyone could ever give, or have! :)

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Sale price is now over
managed to get a stall for the bike at my new place
Soooo i'll need the right price to take it off my hands :) ,
Amazing bike nothing but compliments and head turns!
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