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FS: 2004 SV650S Yellow

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Been thinking of selling my SV, she's treated me well and she's a great bike.

It has approx 15,000km, has been well taken care of despite being down 2 times resulting in cosmetic damage only that has mostly been fixed (the pipe has some scrapes and the brake level has some wear, the plastics are fine).

PM me if interested.
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Makes a good Christmas Present.

Here are a couple of pics.

The fairing has been replaced with a factory replacement, good as new.

I'll get a pic of the pipe and post it up (the pic of the bike is when it was brand new).
The bike is still for sale. I'll also point out the bike was properly broken in according to manufacturers' specs.

I's a great starter bike for someone because it's very forgiving and yet will give you lots of room to grow into it. It's also fuel injected so you don't have to worry about cleaning out a carburetor.

It's also a great bike for an experienced rider who's looking for something a bit more comfortable and still has performance.

I'm looking in the neighbourhood of $6000, I'm open to reasonable negotiation. Don't bother lowballing me at $4000 because you can go buy a 2002 that's not fuel injected for more than $4000.
Had a few nibbles but nothing concrete. Riding season is almost here. Get the bike early.
I've been told that prices will go up doe to the olympics in 2010.

And suppliers of bikes have hit peak production levels and demand will continue to grow. The world will face economic collapse because everything is based on the supply of cheap bikes. And income levels are rising quickly and people keep moving to Vancouver and can afford better bikes and we can't build enough bikes to satisfy all this demand.

Oh wait.. I'm confusing bikes with something else.. :D

Anyway, a few people have expressed interest but are still sitting on the fence. If you're looking for a good starter bike or even a good second bike, check out the SV, you won't be unhappy. The season is around the corner (or even started for some people).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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