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I bought it 4 years ago from Pacific Yamaha with about 3000km on her. Her previous owner had a little 'oops' in the garage and tipped over. The tank was dented, and the plastics on the side all scratched. That's why I got her repainted this very nice white with a blue Pearlescent. Photo's don't do it justice. There are no dec's on the bike. She runs great, shifts great, and all in all very nice condition. Work done through a dealer for seasonal maintenance. If you'd like to talk to the guy who did the work please let me know and I'll provide. Also had an inspection done at Holeshot and the only thing was the clutch cable and front turn signals which I just need to mount up.

15.000KM +/- a few

I've also added:

-Scorpion exhaust (I have stock exhaust still) - this sounds waaaaaay better than stock. Scorps are growly.
-Pazzo levers (they are black with a gold adjustment piece)
-I have a few sets of grips if you want (and if I can find them...I've moved recently)
-weighted bar ends - these greatly reduce the vibration on the handle bars for this bike. There used to be an annoying vibration at 7k but is now tolerable - common to all fz's. I also have stock ones somewhere...but you don't want stock. You want these ones.
-Puig double bubble tinted windscreen. I also have stock one but it's a bit scratched from a careless roommate the apparently doesn't give a crap if it slides around on the shelf it was on...besides the puig is waaaaaay cooler. It's also taller so you get slightly better wind protection
-brand new tires. Michelin pilot road III's. These rock. The stock tires had lots of tread left but they sucked...even a little moisture on the tar lines on the road...scary. These have only 2,000km on them if that. Even in the wet they are awesome. Should be good for several seasons of riding/touring

I think that about sums it up...

I change the oil often. It's done every 2-5K. A few seasons I didn't ride much. But even after a long trip I'd change the oil. I'm only used the recommended Motul oil. I've also replaced the spark plugs last year. Lube the chain religiously.... I'm meticulous in my maintenance of my vehicles. Brakes are still good. Paint is nice a shiny. No major scratches on the bike (but my side bags did wear down the paint on my rear cowls on the corner a little bit). No broken pieces except the clutch cable (the end is frayed - I've ordered a new one and will have it on Friday. I'll pay to get it installed if someone wants this machine this week. Still works but I wouldn't ride far in current state if it broke...It's a $40 part and a pretty easy install. That's the only thing I can think of that's not 100% awesome with this bike.

It has 98hp. Inline 4. Fun on Highways (good top end) but also very manageable around town. Bike is good for a beginner rider but isn't lame like a Shadow 250 or something. It is a sportier bike but still has a fairly comfortable riding position (you aren't hunched forward). I've ridden 1000km in a day and was surprisingly unscathed. I'm not saying beginners should only buy this bike. It's good for the ladies too as it's not super heavy...it's a sexy bike so the ladies can still look cool and ride a decent motorcycle. Dudes also look good on it. Not trying to niche this bike...just sayin.

I'd put my phone # here but I sometimes sleep during the day. Not because I'm lazy, but I work shift-work. So please email me and I will get back to you asap. I have instant notifications on my phone for my email so I will return msg's promptly.

For better pics I'll email you. Took a few the other day but don't presently have them on this computer...



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