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SOLD - the bike has gone to a good home :)

I'm selling my Supermotard/Dirtbike. It's a 1999 Yamaha WR400F...see specs below.

This bike is STREET LEGAL, and falls into the super-cheap <400cc insurance class, only $30/mth.

As for the supermoto stuff, it's got:
-GSX-R master cylinder
-Braking 4-pot front caliper
-320mm EBC Rotor
-S/S braided line
-17" Excel wheels (yellow) w/ blue hubs
-WRP exhaust (Ti)
-Acerbis 'diamond' headlight
-Acerbis Supermoto fender
-Racetech springs up front
-Acerbis Rally Pro Handguards
-New side panels (blue) still in the box, not mounted

...and probably a bunch of other stuff I can't think of right now.

The 'tard has been ridden mostly on the track (at Boundary Bay), and a bit on the street and I've ridden it in the dirt a couple times over winter. It's great at all three, but it's a bit too tall for me as a dirtbike. If you have a small dirtbike (TTR125, CRF230, etc) I would consider a trade + cash.

I would also consider a trade for a late model 600, preferably a 636 or GSX-R. I plan on doing some more street riding this year, and maybe some light touring.

Asking price is hard to determine, as there aren't really too many used supermotos out there for comparison. Just based off of used dirtbike ads in the Buy & Sell, I figure $6200 is probably a fair price. Price dropped to $5,950!

To build your own, you're looking at $2500-$3000 just for these brakes, wheels and tyres.

NEW PRICE: $5,950 - open to offers
Will consider trade for a late model 600 or small dirtbike

(sorry about the douchebag in the pictures, but my computer blew up so I lost all my bike pics...a friend took these a couple months ago)

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Get a 'tard, and have more fun than you've ever had riding your sportbike in the city. PLUS you don't even have to worry about crashing.

If I could tour and ride SRP/PR on this thing, I would keep it.

Feel free to make me an offer, I'm open to negotiation. But I couldn't find any cheaper supermotos for sale than this one. Also, if you don't like the colours, you can change 'em all for like $150.
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