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Up for sale is a 86 FZR250. Under 21k km. Mechanic owned. This bike is in excellent condition, much better than the ones for sale from jpgreybike/windbell (I went to check out their bikes before). 10L + 2 gas tank, Avg 180KM per 10L, which is in the high range for this bike with the carb in good condition.

Properly stored over winter (gas stabilizer, fogging oil, etc) No leaks, engine revs all the way to 17000 redline, 45HP. light weight and easy to handle. Includes spare front and rear wheel bearings, uni-filter air filter (reusable). Ridden daily to work with no problems, starts up every time even in cold mornings. Low seat height, relatively stright seating, a lot less strain on the back.

Lots of work done in the 2+ years I owned it:
front brake master cylinder strip and cleaned, 2005
replaced steering head bearings in March 2007 (genuine yamaha)
Valve adjustment @ 17k KM, with valve cover gasket replaced (genuine yamaha), timing chain adjuster in good shape
stiffer fork springs & heavier oil, 2006
wheel bearings checked and greased every year, in good condition
coolant flush every year
brake flush w/ DOT4 every year, brake pads have about 50% front and rear
motul 5100 oil every 3 months
Chain lubed every 500 KM, adjusted tension when needed
All lights functioning properly
Lubed cables when winterizing
checked all hoses and tubes every year
tires michelin pilot power with ~3000 KM
carb completely cleaned and adjusted and worn jets replaced (genuine yamaha gaskets and jets), 2006
new air filter (genuine yamaha, + 1 reusable Unifilter spare)
gas tank de-rusted and coated with Kreme kit, 2005
new chain and sprockets ~5000 KM ago.

Reason for selling: Injured my leg a while ago so I decide to finish my riding season early this year. put ~2000KM on it this year.

pics here

a few shots before I winterize it last year

Asking for $2800

pm or email to [email protected] for more details. No test rides (except maybe in the back lane, with cash in hand), insurance cancelled after I injured my leg in July.
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