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Hey guys,
Well it's a sad day cause I love this gun but I just don't use it. I've maybe used it about 3 times honestly. I'm going to be buying a crotch rocket so I need the money bad to pay off the loan...

Anyhow Here it is:
2k2 V/F Blue Autococker
15* Chrome Asa
Polished stock front pneumatics with see-through blue hoses (looks like chrome and shiny *** brass, very very sweet)
polished chrome looking Kapp drop zone II
polished stock beaver tail (looks like chrome)
68 3000 carbon fibre tank
Clear VL revy
JT mask
4 pod belt with pods (not too sure on brand at all)

I will be posting a pic in a day or so.

I've had an offer of $300 for the gun itself but I would love to sell it as a package deal. Man I love the looks of this affordable gun... So sexy!

I really don't know where to start asking so I will just say hmmmm ahhhh about $500-600obo. Just give me an offer, I just needed to post something to satisfy the mods.

Anyhow, Let me know cause if I don't get a decent price I will probally keep it until it becomes ancient...
I have a friend that owed me some money but gave me this gun in trade. I don't play paint ball so away it goes. I know the gun works well, I have put a hopper full of rounds through it, and my friend told me he rebuilt it not to long ago. this is the only info I can find on it..."

F1, F2 Illustrator (Feral Action Sports Technology, Inc.)
A simple, elegant, mid-range semi-auto. This gun is an excellent design that easy to use, easy to maintain, and performs well. In the $290 price range, this gun is slightly more expensive than other mid-range semi-autos. While its rate of fire is not as fast as some of the high-end guns can be, it is considered a good alternative for anybody who wants a good quality gun without the potential maintenance headaches of the Autococker or Automag.
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