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Bought this bike at the start of the summer in order to get my class 6. Managed to pass the road test a little while ago(yahoooooooooo), so have no need for it anymore. Also need some cash for back to school. Has been used as a DD all summer.

Looking to sell (1000 OBO) or trade. In particular, looking for a small 4cyl pickup.

The good:
- Bike runs great, very strong runner, starts up quick everytime.
- roughly 63600 kms
- New battery
- Great on gas
- 400cc, so still in the lower insurance bracket (250-400cc)
- Smaller size makes it perfect for beginners but still plenty of power for cruising on the highway, even for a fatty like me (200lbs)

The not so good:
- Cosmetic: Gas tank has a slight dent on the left side, paint worn on side covers, seat has some minor tears
- Will sometimes smoke at startup if it's left to sit for a while

Picture can be seen here:

NOTE: The bike is located in the Okanagan.
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