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I'm upgrading to a different communication system. What you see in the photo is what you get:

1 x Platinum 900 Bluetooth Rider + Passenger (2 units, wired)

2 x Platinum 900 Bike 2 Bike communicators

1 x Platinum 900 passenger unit for parts

5 x 12-hr batteries

2 x 4-hr Helmet batteries

4 x Wall chargers

Misc speakers, cables, mounting parts + velcros.

Estimated value of all items is well above C$1,000

Some units take some time to establish communication with other units. Sold as is or for parts. They are still good to use with cellphone / music player / ipod / iphone via bluetooth.

Price to sell: C$ 350.00 + shipping

Thanks for looking. PM me if any questions.
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