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Hey guys...I made this table over the Christmas break. It was my first table..but it turned out a lot better than I expected...anywyas...I'm selling it so I can build an even nicer one.

This table took me about 15 hours to build....and it was not easy so please do not lowball me for this table...Also, the materials to build it was not cheap either...Materials alone cost about $300...so the price I am asking is definately a fair asking price.

Asking $450 OBO (thats about 10 bux an hour to build this baby...plus the cost of the materials)
This is NOT one of those cheap featherlight tables you see in stores for 150 bux or sumthing..this thing is HEAVY DUTY...Quality is MUCH MUCH higher than those cheap ones

Now let me explain this with some more details.

THis is a 3 piece table. The actual table base with the fold up legs is one piece, the padded rail is another piece, and the felt table top is a third piece. These all come apart easily and fit back together easily for quick and easy transport.

The table top is an official World Series of Poker folding table top. This guy fits really snugly into the table when its set up.

the table base is very heavy as it is made of 3/4" MDF. The rail is made of 2 layers of 5/8" Plywood. THe rail is a 1" High Density Foam covered with top quality vinyll. It is a 5" wide padded rail...so lots of comfy elbow space...

The measurements of the table are roughly 43" Width and 83" Length.
This table will sit 8 very comfortably and will sit 10 a little tighter...but still not a problem...I've played 10 people on this many times...

Please PM or email/MSN me if you are interested and please do not lowball me. This table is amazing and will make your poker nights more authentic and fun.
[email protected]

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