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My friend is selling his house and in tow I am helping him sell some left over car parts from cars he used to own:



1996 Honda Civic DX OEM side mirrors ($50 obo)
- Condition: Mint

1996 Honda Civic DX Custom Driver-side Bucket Seat mount with rails ($40 obo)
- Condition: Fair

1991 Miata OEM Hard Top ($1000 obo)
- Condition: Red paint flaking but white under coat still intact, No rust, No Dents, No cracks in glass, No leaks

1991 Miata OEM Under engine splash guard ($40 obo)
- Condition: Good, no rips, no punctures.

1991 Miata OEM catback exhaust system (FREE)
- Condition: Fair, no holes

2011 VW Rabbit OEM Front Lip ($50 obo)
- Condition: Good

2011 VW Rabbit OEM Rear lower bumper ($50 obo)
- Condition: Good

2011 VW Rabbit Magnaflow Stainless catback exhaust system ($300 obo)
- Condition: Mint, no dents, no rust
- Manufacturer: Magnaflow
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