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The screen protector is well intact on its big screen.
All the accessories are as follows:
Audio/Video Cable
Stereo headset with extension and adaptor
Driver CD

1) MOVIE play function: Used for playing the movie, support MPEG-4 of ASF format, or convert into ASF format by software. The play efficiency is 320x240 @ 30 f/s. 2) Audio play function, used for playing various audio formats, including MP3/WMA/WAV etc. 3) Photo browse function is used to browse various photos formats. 4) Built-in Microphone record, support Line-in recording. 5) Support the video recording 6) VIDEO OUTPUT/TV (NTSC/PAL)
7) Calendar, Games (Snake/Tetris), Calendar, Clock indication
8) Mulitple Languages Selections 9) Built in 20MB Hard Disk space and Insert SD/MMC card, memory space is expandable. 10) Built-in Lithium battery 11) Built-in Speaker

Function Introduction
Video play
Video recording
Music playing
Photo browse
Digital recording
TV input
TV output
Memory checking
Multiple languages
Lock key function
Screen saving price:$130

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