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FS: Like New PSP - $180 OBO *Price change*

Got this as a birthday gift last April, and really only used it once on the plane. This thing is like new. Only reason for selling for $220 is I need the cash ASAP. Has no dead pixels, comes with charger (It never came with a USB cable, and I never bothered buying one), the original manuals, I can't find the box though. Also comes with Wayne Gretzky Hockey, Spider-Man 2, Twisted Metal Head-on, and of course the PSP cover. It has all the wireless updates and whatnot. Just doing some cleaning and found it in my room, forgot I had it all together. Anyways, first $180 (Price changed) takes it.. I think that's very reasonable, and it also makes the perfect Christmas gift. I'm firm on the price considering it's $350+tax brand new with the Wayne Gretzky Hockey. You can either e-mail me at [email protected], PM me, or give me a call anytime at 604-644-6423. The name is Scott and please feel free to leave a message if I don't answer. Delivery can be arranged (within reason; i.e, I'm not going to the Island, etc)
Anyways here's a few pics. Please excuse the quality as it was taken with my phone.. I'm too lazy to go out to the car to grab the digi.
Thanks for looking!

Everything together:

Wayne Gretzky Hockey:

Spider Man 2:

The Sample Disc:

Twisted Metal Head-On:

Cables and Manuals:

Case and PSP:

A few of the PSP by itself:


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Bump! Somone buy this.. How about $200?!? I need the money SO badly right now! Payday isn't for a week and I can't afford anything!
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