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As topic states sell the following:

1. RF 1000 Large Shoei helmet. colour silver, black, white. List
price is 709.99 + tax. Price starts at $ 350 obo.

2. Joe Rocket Atomic XL Gray Jacket. List price 229.99 + tax. Price starts at
$ 150 obo.

3. Joe Rocket All black XXL with leather trim. List price 229.99 +
tax. Price starts at $ 150 obo.

4. Gpx Xl Black with red lettering motorcycle gloves. List price
149.99 + tax. Price starts at $ 100 obo.

Note: jackets where used about 4 times, the gloves i only put them on 3 times. I bought this stuff in august so it was to hot to wear them. My bike got stolen in september. The helmet was used for 1 month. It basically brand new still smells brand new haha no scratches. Im not going to get another bike anytime soon. So i wanna get rid of this stuff its just collecting dust save lots $$$ no taxes EVERYTHING IS OBO !!

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Take everything for 400 $ all this cost me over $1,000 take it of my hands my lose ur gain get ready for next year save $$$ Brand new gear !!!
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