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Okay now this is too cool! A universal motorcycle mounting system for your iPod, radar detector, camera, Palmpilot GPS or any other type of media you want access to while you ride.

I've got the Media platform and the Mediabag. The Mediabag is super cool because you can store your media items in this waterproof pouch and still have easy access to buttons and other controls through the clear, plastic cover.

And here's what it looks like mounted:

You can mount this puppy to any 8 or 10mm screw hole on your bike. Please note that this does not come with a clamp for handlebars as shown in the photo above. Instead it can be mounted directly to triple clamp screw holes or any other screw hole you have access to.

The Media platform also has a hole in it for mounting cameras or video cameras. It has two ball joints so you can swivel the platform in any direction. The adjustability is endless.

If you need a place to set up your radar detector or have access to your iPod while riding, this is the sollution.

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