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For 3k cad obo!

Hey guys i need to sell this fast! I am the 2nd owner and i have barely driven it, the first owner was a lady who drove it since it was bought brand new, her machinist husband maintained it regularily. It has never been in a major accident and i just aircared it today.

I WOULD LOVE TO TRADE FOR A BIKE! if you have a bike you think is worth less than this car, shoot me an offer, you'd be suprised :)

Its a 1995 nissan maxima, power everything, no sunroof, body and interior are in amazing condition. DOES NOT LEAK!

The reason why i'm selling it for so low? It has high kms at 324k, and it needs new cv joints, but if you buy the cv joints (50-75 bucks) and i'll throw them in for free for you. The engine runs great and the car pulls very hard (220hp). Tires are at 90%. There is a very small amount of damage on the front of the car where the lady driver parked on a hill without an e-brake and rolled into another parked car when she took her foot off the brake to get out of the car, and apparantly the same thing happened on the back of the car on a different hill....... yeah haha. sounds like it rolled about 12" both times. if you look hard you can see the damage in the pics.

I had a bodyshop guy look at it and he assessed it as being under 400 dollars to repair both.

PM me with any questions you might have :) thanks. If you have MSN i can send you some videos of the car (walk-arounds)


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