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I have a practically new Pentax Optio E10 for sale. 1 week new...Mint mint 10/10 condition

Quick details (From FT website):
"The Optio E10 is a slim, lightweight compact digital camera that’s well-suited to those who are new to digital photography. It features a Mode dial that allows simple mode selection. The Optio E10 is equipped with 6MP, 3X zoom and a 2.4" LCD monitor with an easy-to-read menu display"

Comes with:

software CD's (2)
USB cable
Video Cable (to connect to TV)
and of course the Camera unit itself

My parents purchased this last week on their 2 week vacation....they bought it cuz they forgot to bring the charger for their digicam..so they bought one to use..

Anyways...Future Shop and London Drugs both sell this for $250 CAD plus taxes ($285 after taxes)

Receipt available to show purchase date to prove it was purchased last week.

Asking $200 (save $85 bux)
Let me know if you are interestd...will accept/cosider reasonable offers

Scandisk Ultra II 256 mb SD card available for an additional 25 bux.


Links to FT and London Drugs

http://www.londondrugs.com/Cultures/en-US/Product+Detail/Cameras.htm?CatalogNavigationBreadCrumbs=Cameras;Cameras;Cameras - Digital;Cameras - Digital Compact;Pentax Optio E10&CS_Catalog=Cameras&CS_RootCategory=Cameras&CS_Category=Cameras - Digital Compact&CS_ProductID=1529247&ProductTab=1

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