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I have a like new Samsung D600 for sale.

This is a sweet phone...but i miss the PDA phones and Im goin back to them...

Condition is 9.5/10
not a single scratch or blemish on the entire phone...only reason it loses 0.5 points is because it is not brand new out of the box. Absolutely MINT.

The phone was purchased less than 3 months ago and has had a protective film on the screen since day 1.

Phone comes with the following:
House charger (with adapter)
USB cable
TV-OUT cable
CD with sync program
OEM Handsfree
All manuals

Additional Accessories:
OEM Samsung Car charger ($30)
Aftermarket phone pouch ($20)

LIfetimer: 17 hours and counting up *slowly...i dont use the phone that much)

Some general Specs of the phone:
Quad Band (wicked reception for those on Rogers/Fido networks)
2mp Camera - the pictures com out great..pretty good quality for a camera phone
An amazing screen at 256,000 colours (as opposed to 65,000 as many other phones are)
Dual speakers (3d sound)
Bluetooth capabilities
Video recording
and tons of other stuff!!

I dont want to do any haggling or anything liek that..so Im going to state my absolute bottome line price.

Asking $375 FIRM!!

Phone will be ready for transfer on Monday of next week. I just bought my new phone on Ebay and I have to wait for it to get here before I transfer this phone to the buyer. So if you want this phone and are patient enough to wait till monday or tuesday, then you can save yourself some money.

Please PM or leave message here if you are interested.
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