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Hey guys...
This is a Tokyo Marui M4A1 R.I.S.

Im putting my airsoft gun up for sale because i'm in need of money.

This gun is still in new condition, I bought this off kspec, it has never seen outdoors, it is in immaculate condition. Shoots accurate (I adjusted the hop up already), everything is in perfect working order.

Here are some features about the AEG. It has a full metal RIS, for your modular gadjets... (lasers, lights, handguards...etc), it has a retractable stock, the carry handle is also able to come off for a scope of any kind.

The RIS didnt come with any batteries, so i bought a new Sanyo 7 cell 8.4v 600mAh nicad rechargable battery with discharger.

*ACTION Carry Handle "SEE THROUGH" Scope Mount Base.
*1"/25mm HIGH See Through Weaver Metal Scope Ring Mount x2

*Also a TASCO 4x32 Blue Illuminated Mil-Dot Range Rifle Scope.
One Piece Outer Body Robust and Durable Construction
- Precision machined from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy.
- Completely sealed and nitrogen filled.
- Perfect for all terrains and all weather conditions One Piece internal Tube For Solid Lens Housing.
- Surpasses common sectioned design.
- Provides strong and solid housing to guarantee consistent and reliable shooting Integral Windage and Elevation Housing.
- Integral housing to eliminate potential leak and improve tube integrity.
- Easy-to-grip high quality finger/target adjustment knobs.
- Precise 1/4 or 1/8 minute click for accurate shooting.
- Guarantees adjustments with precision and consistency
Multi-layer High-tech Emerald Coatings on Lens Elements.
- Top quality high-tech emerald coatings applied on all lens elements.
- Conducive to the most light transmission, highest resolution and clarity.
- Reduces reflection Finest Electronic Reticle Design and Comfortable Eye Relief.
- Fine reticle design providing the most view and fast target acquisition.
- Adjustable electronic reticle with BLUE light to provide clear aiming during the day and twilight.
High Quality Ergonomic, Precision Machined Power Ring, Focus Ring and Eyepiece.
- Guarantees smooth and accurate adjustments.
- Enhances shooting accuracy.
Innovative BLUE illuminated Target-Like Crosshair Reticule
Mil-Dot Range Estimating Scope
11 Levels of Brightness make this scope work effectively under low light condition 1"
Nitrogen filled tube give you the best view through the scope 2.5" Front extender allow good operation during bright light condition.
Protective Caps are included
All 1"/25mm scope mounting ring is suitable for this scope.


retails for 569.95 at www.specarms.com or 604CEFIRO's...

Ill let it go for $600 with everything.

Will not sell to minors... must have valid government id.

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