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Welcome to the Im going for a ride, you comin Forum. It is the goal of this Board to bring a positive outlook on Sportbike Riders within BC. We would ask that you respect each other both here as well as on the road. BCSportBikes in no way supports street racing in any form. We would like to ask our members to respect the rules of the roads thereby projecting a positive image towards motorcyclist.

If youre planning on going for a ride and would like some company, please feel free to post your ride. Before you do that please read the IMPORTANT stuff below. Skip Everything else if you wish though.

BCSportBikes.com serves as a portal for local riders. BCSB does not organize any official rides. Although using the resources on BCSB, it allows members to easily arrange rides using such means as posting on BCSB Message Boards. In no way is BCSB teaching or instructing riding behavior, but BCSB would ask that you follow our recommendations when riding in groups.

Everything else (General Recomendations for Group Rides):

You don't have to read this if you don't want to, but there suggestions you might find useful.

Ride in smaller groups. When faced with a larger head count, break the group up into smaller groups of 4 or 5. Smaller groups are safer and than lagers packs. The packs should be divided by experience. The experienced riders in the front and less experienced in the middle and back.

Riding on the streets is not like riding on a racetrack. It is unsafe to ride motorcycle at a high rate of speed on the streets. Streets contain a greater amount of hazards that are uncommon on the closed environment of a track. Hazards such as gravel, oil, and improper site lines are very common.

Few Tips
  1. Keep a staggered formation whenever safe. Ensure the rider in front of you has enough room incase of an emergency. Increase the space as the speed/pace increases. Ride as a group.
  2. Do not pass another rider in the same lane of traffic unless instructed by the rider to be passed. Never pass in the same lane at high speed.
  3. Never pass a rider in a corner.
  4. If a rider wants to pass you..let them. Do not race a rider which is trying to pass you.
  5. When riding in groups, ensure that the ride intentions are defined prior to departing on the ride. Unsafe riding practices such as wheelies, stoppies, and other extreme riding techniques should be discussed with the group prior to the start of the ride. Such maneuvers endanger the group as a whole. Allow the group to decide whether such maneuvers are acceptable for that particular ride.
  6. Pace Set a safe pace for the conditions that you will be riding in as well as for the experience level which the group is comprised of.
  7. Check for Hazardous Conditions wherever you're going.
Finally, Read The PACE.


Please observe the following rules when posting to this forum:

  1. The title of your thread must contain the Day of the week, date, and destination. This allows someone who's interested to decide at a glance whether they want to come.
    Example: Sunday, May 18, 2003 - Squamish.
  2. The first post in your thread must include the following template:
    When: [insert DEPARTURE TIME and DATE, note that the date should be included in the TITLE of the thread you start]

    Meeting point: [insert well known meeting point, or pick one from CDG's "Meeting Place Suggestions" thread]

    Why: [insert reason, eg. It's beautiful outside, and I feel the need to rip it up!, I want to go posing at Starbucks, whatever]

    Where to: Insert your destination here.

    Pace : fast or slow, newbie or seasoned riders. Once you specify the pace please keep to it, as this what the riders coming with you are going to expect.
  3. If you cancel the ride for whatever reason, please post so. Edit your original post to include *** RIDE CANCELLED *** in the thread title as well as the body.

    Feel free to include any other info that may be related to the ride after youve included the above.


    Please use the following template (copy/paste it):
    Where to:
    Meeting point:
    Thanks everyone for your support of BCSportBikes.com and please, ride safe and respect others on the roads.
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