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Hmm...the FZ6 is tuned lower than an R6 and therefore gets its power at lower rpms. I've never had any trouble with power at the low end, and contrary to an earlier post, I wouldn't call it under powered at all unless you're heading for the track.

The shifting isn't that smooth, especially at low speeds so you need some pretty good throttle/clutch control. Otherwise, it's a really good bike.
+1. I've put 30,000 km on my 2004 FZ6, and I smiled at the "doesn't have enough power" comment. Clearly this is coming from someone who has not ridden one, or has a 'busa. Now, if you're planning on towing a trailer, it may not have enough torque :laughing. Granted I'm no heavyweight, but cranking the power on hard in first or second will lift the front wheel, which is plenty for me.

Although there has been a recall on the throttle position sensor, mine has never displayed the problem. I don't find the shifting rough, although the clutch could be smoother. Other than that, I don't know what else I could want in a bike. I've done 15 hour rides and felt nothing other than normal fatigue. Very comfy bike, and probably a great commuter, although I don't ride mine around town.

I hope this helps!
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