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It's an FZR 250 - 89 version
also says on the odo: 7700 KM

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45 HP
single front 4 piston disk brake
Model name 2kr

It is faster than the ZZR 250s even the new version (2006)
I'm dead serious.

It's a quick bike, despite it is only 250 cc. Theoretically, the 89 version is the last of the 45 HP 250 bikes. All bikes there after were supposed to follow the 1990 power ban to 40 HP. Such is the case with 1990+ FZR 250s. Also, this bike is the fastest four stroke 250 (no joke, go look it up). I have a friend with an 04 ZZR250, and this is WAY faster than that (despite a 15 year age gap).
45 HP @ 14.5 K revs
rev limiter kicks in at 18000
Exup variable exhaust system ( you won't find it on any other 250)

This particular bike I'm selling has been in a crash (slide in a level dirt field). Yes it has. I've replaced the fairings and the bike is now fully black. The mirrors are replaced too. I have a set of silver decals and a roll of reflective vinyl if you want it.

Test rides avaliable!
only if you have a class 6 or have successfully taken PRS
Otherwise, I'll need a $300 deposit cash in my hands while you ride it around.
Or I can ride it for your observation (chase car?)

I encourage you to take a look, or if weather permitting - I can ride over.

I won't do the sales man trick and talk you into buying it. I'll let the bike speak for itself. I'll accomodate any demonstration of the bike's mechanical performance as long as it's safe.

I will consider all offers
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