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Okay Everyone,

We all know how important proper riding gear and leathers are. Heres a list of links for ya...

The higher quality ones.

Dainese - http://www.dainese.com
Vanson - http://www.vansonleathers.com
Spyke - http://www.spyke.it
Z Leathers - http://www.zcustom.com/
Kushitani - http://www.kushitani.com/
BKS - http://www.bksleather.co.uk

The mid to high

Spidi - http://www.spidi.it
Syed - http://www.syedleathers.com
Teknic - http://www.teknicgear.com
First Gear(Hein Gericke) - http://www.intersportfashions.com
Belstaff - http://www.belstaff.com
Alpinestars - http://www.alpinestars.com
Joe Rocket - http://www.joerocket.com
Hein Gericke - http://www.hein-gericke.de/
ixs - http://www.ixs.de/
Taichi - http://www.rs-taichi.co.jp/

Low to Mid

AGV - http://www.agvsportsgroup.com/
Fieldsheer - http://www.fieldsheer.com
Prexport - http://www.prexport.com/

I think that covers them, alot of these I don't really know much about though. It's all personal preference.

Here's a good resource...



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