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take what you want from it

its long but at least bike related

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The Speedo stays for seconds long at 299km/h. A standard Suzuki GSX-R1000 can’t go any harder. It’s a normal day, 8pm, it’s still busy the highway’s in Holland. These are no circuit images, but a recording of a motor ride from Rotterdam via Utrecht towards Amsterdam.

“I’m always scared, whit out fear you’re just stupid”

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The sound from the limited running engine escorts the images from the people who are being pasts so fast, that they don’t have the chance to make a scaring movement. At full speed we drive under the “gouwe-aquaduct”, traffic regulation don’t matter. The driver of the bike uses all traffic lanes and passes cars on the flight counterfoil and the small piece of concrete between the left lane and the crash barriers. The right turn that makes the connection between the A12 and the A2 lets the speedo drop a bit, after that the 299 appears in the screen again. The traffic plates that points in the direction of Amsterdam, flashes by, at an average speed of 248 km/h are 20min and 32sec enough to set the 85 km.
The driver calls himself Ghostrider, he sells he’s DVD’s whit these movies especially thru the internet. The ride between Rotterdam and Amsterdam comes from he’s latest product “Ghostrider goes crazy in Europe”. The reactions are always obvious: the one person likes to watch the movie the other thinks he’s a potential killer of innocent fellow road users. After some seeking we make contact whit the Ghostrider. Not a brave young local crazy ass but a well English speaking Swedish person, who is suspected to be close to 40 years…

MOTO73: If you watch the images on the Ghostrider-dvd, you’ve been swing around between excitement of the spectacle and the evil of danger were other are put in trough.
GHOSTRIDER: Yes, it’s for the most people the same. Everybody who is looking is fascinated, they all keep watching it. Many people scream that they think it’s extremely dangerous, but they watch the whole DVD. I had even orders off police officers, judges and lawyers.

They mail me that I, based on images of the movie, should be in prison but they do like it to watch it. And that the DVD has to be banned; The texas Chainsaw Massacre (a bloody horror movie of the year 1974; IvdV) first also was banned, but now it’s a cult-movie’.

MOTO73; How did this came so far?
GHOSTRIDER; I have been before in several disciplines as motocross and road races where I raced pretty successfully. With taping I just started in 2002, it started as a joke that progressed in a movie. We called it then ‘The Final Ride’. That movie was a kind of parody on the Swedish movie called ‘The Getaway in Stockholm’. In that movie you see very clearly that all the action scenes who where made in the city, where truly modified. Then we would like, just for fun, let them see how it was in the reality. Four months after we had the movie finished, we were approach too distributor Iceman and so the ball was started to roll. When we made the first movie, it was only a ‘practical joke’, now there are already a hundred thousand copies off Ghostrider 1 and 2 sold and I can live from it. The reason that keeps me going, I can’t give it to you. That lies in a personal atmosphere and could be a clue for my identity.

MOTO 73; About you’re identity; I didn’t have to much trouble to found out who you were.
GHOSTRIDER; It’s maybe not so hard to found out who Ghostrider is, but proving it, is another case.
You are also not shore of it’s really me or not. I think that the Swedish police are sure about 100 percent that I am Ghostrider, but make it hard, they couldn’t. Lawfully we covered it all up; de motors are owned by SWT-race-team (Swedish Wheelie Team), we rent it from them. So they can’t take the motors under seizure when we are on stock exchanges. I’ve been on an exchange in Sweden next to the rank of the police. They had to laugh about it and made jokes about is like that they had criminals as neighbours.

MOTO 73; Don’t you think that the danger is too big? I mean; if you ride 299 km/h on a well filled highway, isn’t there not too much to crash.
GHOSTRIDER; There always can be, when you’re on your way, happens everything, but we always let accidence on the free road. By the last movie ‘Ghostrider goes Europe’, we were with a crew about fifteen or twenty people. Before I go on the road for a drive, people check the road to see or there are no things loose or oil-marks on the road.

Behind me, always drives a car with a medical-ambulance with a complete first-aid-kit. Beside we are looking for roads without crossings and we are connected to a walkie-talkie. It’s not so that we are maniacs who are of to go something, we prepare everything and make plans before it as far as it’s impossible.

MOTO 73; So many people see you as a freak that brings other in danger…
GHOSTRIDER; If people say I am a potent ional killer, I will say that I haven’t got any accident about 3 years. All road racers regular crash, but I didn’t even once crashed. There is surely a risk that I take, but as I even said before; we try to limit this as far as it’s possible. There always been a stupid risk that I have to take and so far I found it accept ional. I don’t know what I should do when someone drives like me, would hurt my family by a crash, I even have no clue how I would react. There are people who rather had nothing to do with me when for example a family member died in a traffic accident, I do understand it. Everybody has made out for him or herself what he or she would like to do; it’s always your own decision so it has no sense to try too in flooding it. I wouldn’t mind if I go into prison but I would never want to hurt some one else. There is a little minority people who wants to hurt others deliberately. They need to go to a legion for foreigner. I even don’t fit in there.

MOTO 73; Isn’t it so that your scenes in floods people to drive like crazy on the highway?
GHOSTRIDER; No, no it can’t be. There has been already driving like that since the first sports motors and even before. There is from the beginning when motors are invented, racing around in the traffic only I am the first who brings it on screen. If there are people who don’t like the images, they have to look the other way. If people have seen MotoGP, they don’t want anything else but racing at their self. If people have seen a stunt movie, they also want to do the same, but after showing Ghostrider 3 in the cinema with 200 visitors, there was nobody who wants to do the same. It stands just to far from the regular motor drivers. I have never been copied by someone else. If people asked after it, I always say they don’t have to try it because it’s going to be their dead. Young folks better don’t try this, because you would be better of if you won races first and practice a lot and drive only on the highways.

MOTO73; On your last DVD, beside the ride between Rotterdam and Amsterdam, we marked your drive trough Paris on, because someone else already has done this a couple years ago.
GHOSTRIDER; After all this time I have broken the record of Pascal ‘The Black Prince’. His time, eleven minutes and four seconds has been for eleven years a record. I drove the same distends of 23 kilometres now in nine minutes and 57 seconds. I only drove at night in stead of the daylights. Pascal drove on daylights in busy traffic, but I founded it to dangerous. Many people say that Pascal is dead, but I can tell you it isn’t so. His problems with justice are already been past, so we will surely hear from him soon. I don’t want to tell if I met him because it’s too dangerous.

MOTO73: aren’t you afraid when you ride like that?
GHOSTRIDER: of course, I’m always afraid, whit out fear you’re just stupid. you got to be afraid to be able to react better. I’ll live just as long like all other people. However I myself am changed thru personal reasons I don’t want to mention. All I could say is that the reason why I did this recently ended. This is resulting that, if I watch the movies again, that I beginning to find them stupid. I notice that these changing’s in my situation are making me to view things different. The next DVD will therefore not be the same, no Ghostrider goes USA, but less high-speed video pictures and more funny and special video pictures. Although, you never know what the future brings…

· No the pic is not me
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So Ghostrider retires, interesting.
I swear I read a thread a few months ago saying he was dead... glad that isn't so, he is a kick ass rider. I may not be that crazy, but i hope to one day have his crazy skills.
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