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Hello everyone,
I am leaving in the morning with the wife to sunshine coast. Unfortunately, the bike is staying at home. Don't have tralier yet and I want an encosed that can fit my bike plus a quad. And that a whole different topic.
But anyways, we got the camper all loaded up today, just finished. So we figure sunshine coast is the best bet for a last min trip. As there are so many little cool place on the coast. We have never been camping on the Coast so just wondering if any one know some good spots to camp. We would like a place that was near the water or a bay, and some good walk trails and maybe some other cool attractions. I think I am willing to drive up to Earls Cove, but i don't want to have to take another ferry to powell river side. i don't mind gravel roads either. So if anyone got a secret spot, don't hold out on me!

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